I Spent £2400 On Sheffield Wednesday Away Games Last Season… And Have No Regrets

Sheffield student Anders-Paul Nelhams, 21, has been to 104 Sheffield Wednesday games in a row and is still counting.

But it’s not a cheap passion to have. “I know I spent £2400 on away games just last season,” he said.

“Ticket, travel and working on an average of £30 for food, drinks and programmes. It was all covered by my placement salary.”

This did mean AP travelling from Burton upon Trent to Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium for home games though.

AP also follows England on foreign turf: “I also managed to afford 4 days for Germany away in March, a week at the European Championships and Slovakia away”.

Photo: @APNelhams3 – England vs Wales, 2016 European Championship, 16th June 2016

The iconic 3-2 comeback in Berlin will be in England fans’ memories for a long time, even more so if you were in the Olympiastadion like AP.

It was this win that he claims was his favourite away game: “First England away game so totally new experience and then scoring 3 in half an hour to turn it around was special.”

It shows why football is addictive – the buzz. The atmosphere cannot be recreated.

But it also demonstrates how football fans have to keep searching for a new buzz to keep them excited. It’s an addiction.

“Wednesday almost feels like a chore now because it’s so long since I missed a game… some special games keep the buzz going though,” AP said.

New adventures were one game away for Sheffield Wednesday last season, before they lost to Hull City in the Sky Bet Championship Play-off Final.

A frustrating day for an Owls fan who is yet to see his team play in the Premier League: “Going places like Anfield, Goodison, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, The Emirates, White Hart Lane and now the London Stadium.

“It feels like it’s not meant to happen.”

He also talks about his dad seeing Sheffield Wednesday in European competition and his desire for that… certainly no plans to go cold turkey just yet.


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