“Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wear Make-up” – 21 Year Old Jesse

As part of our ‘new year, new me’ mini-series, From Mars looks at the growth of the male grooming market and why there are now thousands of men across the country using make-up products in an attempt to enhance their appearance.

Figures recently released by Statista suggest the male grooming market is now worth over £600m, with an increasing number of men now also purchasing make-up.

This hasn’t come as a surprise to Jesse Bradley, 21, who insists on using make-up products when going for a night out.

“I have an idea of the way I like to look and these products help me in achieving that look,” he said.

Jesse works as a team leader for a holiday resort company

“I’m confident without make-up although I know some guys who refuse to leave the house without it on.”

Recently, Manny Gutierrez was hired as the first male face of make-up brand Maybelline, with the 25 year-old set to star in an advert for their new mascara.

In an interview with the BBC, Manny spoke of how it never used to be seen as ‘normal’ for men to wear make-up. However, Jesse argues there are still people quick to judge.

“You do need a backbone. Society tends to find any kind of ammunition to judge you.”

Despite criticism, Jesse remains confident with the way he chooses to look and encourages others that want to try wearing make-up to do so.

“I’m not embarrassed at all to admit I use make up,” he said.

“As long as you feel good about yourself, go and enjoy life in whatever way you wish.”



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