Meet ‘The American Soccer Fan’ Making Waves Online With His Hilarious Chants

Forget cat videos and the Mannequin Challenge, the latest social media phenomenon is Mackie Jackson, more commonly known as ‘The American Soccer Fan’.

His self-made football chant videos have been a real hit with fans of English clubs.

He said he thinks his videos are being watched for numerous reasons.

“20% of Brits get pissed off to see a ‘Yank’ – as I’m regularly called – say soccer. 20% think I am British putting on a parody which I think is great. And the other 60% love the aggro I get and see it as a wind-up.”

Mackie’s Derby County chant prompted this response from fans.

Mackie, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved to Bracknell, Berkshire aged 12 when his Dad got a job here.

He became a fan of Reading FC after going to the Madejski Stadium and seeing them beat West Ham.

Mackie said this is where he was first introduced to soccer chants.

He said his love of English football stems from the competitiveness and passion.

“A rivalry like the religious divide between the two teams in Glasgow is out of this world.

“Living in a city where you bump into your enemy is unheard of in the US.”

Mackie says fans are constantly asking him to do a chant for their team but he’s not getting ahead of himself.

“My inbox has 2000 unread requests. The page is literally two weeks old and I don’t really see it as a phenomenon.

“It is too much fun to talk soccer with the greatest country in the world.”

Keep it up Mackie, we love the videos!

Find Mackie, The American Soccer Fan on Twitter and Facebook.


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