Universities In London – Don’t Let The Prices Put You Off

A recent analysis has revealed students at London and Oxford universities pay some of the highest tuition fees and living costs.


The top 10 most expensive universities in the UK.

Whilst this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, for those thinking of attending an undergraduate course in London or Oxford, it can be a strong deterrent – particularly with the deadline for UCAS applications fast approaching.

Aaron Brotherhood, a student at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, is in his second year of studying Theatre Sound.


The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama ranked the 14th most expensive in the UK.


“The costs can definitely be worrying. It was pretty scary at first when I didn’t know anything about it, but London is the best place to come to get into the industry I want to go into,” he said.

In a year Aaron spends around £9,400, not including his tuition fees.

He receives a student loan of £8,400 to cover his rent and living costs.

“You can get more money from your loan for living in London which is definitely needed.

“I pay £597 a month on my rent and around another £30 on bills. After that, I have about £600 to live on for the rest of the semester.”

To help make ends meet, Aaron also works part time to set up music gigs.

Aaron, 19, is from Leicestershire.

“I’ve worked loads of shows at Wembley. I’ve helped to set up shows for Adele, ELO, Babymetal and even the Brit Awards.

“I need to work whilst I’m at uni since I usually go into my overdraft. I don’t think I’d be able to cope without it.”

With the price of a pint in London averaging at around £4, social nights out can prove expensive.

“If you want to go out, normally you’ve got to save up or wait for your loan to drop.

“But it’s a massive city and there’s loads to do like going to gigs, the cinema or theatre – and it’s all just down the road.”



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