“Australia Was The obvious Choice”: Just Why Is Australia So Popular With Young People?

Following the news that Australian experiences have been featured twice in the Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 things to do in 2017, the land down under is set to remain hugely popular with young people in Britain.

Jaycee Butterworth, 26, spent a year in travelling the country between 2013 and 2014, and she spoke of just what makes Australia so appealing.

Jaycee sat down to talk about her experiences in Australia

“Me and my friend were bored of living Monday to Friday, and we wanted to get away. Australia was the obvious choice, it’s got a bit of everything.

“Beaches, cities, and obviously the Sydney Harbour, I had to see that,” she said.

Travel site Thinking Australia recently claimed that half of UK young people would consider making a temporary move to the Oceanian country post-Brexit.

But just why is it so popular?

Jaycee said: “Honestly, I think a lot of young people go because it’s the thing to do, especially after university.

“Just being able to go from beach to beach in the sun every day, it’s the dream.”

Sydney Harbour was a big draw for Jaycee

Like with most things though, money played a huge part in Jaycee’s adventures.

Eventually the 26-year-old had to think about a job, and 3 months in, she was working with a local transport company in Queensland.

“All the barbeques and beaches, it was living the dream, but once you start working it all seems pretty familiar.

“Working nine till five again, if it weren’t for the sun sometimes you’d forget you were in Australia,” Jaycee said.

Jaycee didn’t only work, she enjoyed taking photos with the locals too

Despite this though, Jaycee was quick to encourage anyone considering visiting Oz to do it and reap the rewards.

She said: “Do it. Life’s too short to not experience things other than what you’re used to. It will definitely open your eyes.

“I know a lot of people get homesick and feel like they need to go home, but stick it out, a year really does fly. Everyone should experience some kind of travelling in their life.”

Would you consider travelling and would Australia rank high on your list? Let us know by tweeting us at @FromMarsOnline.


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