Meet The Street Food Team Fighting In The Corner Of Male Vegans

Even in 2017 people still associate masculinity with eating meat. I spoke to a new street food stall in Nottingham about changing the perception of male vegetarians.

Bradley Blake, 24, is cooking up a chickpea burger as I approach his table; I ask him why he loves cooking vegetarian and vegan food.

“I’m really passionate about cooking and people often rely too heavily on using meat. It’s harder to make a meat eater admit they enjoy eating meat free food and I like the challenge.”

Bradley works at the pop up street food stand, Street Food Revolution, situated in Nottingham’s Broad Street and has been since it opened in early December.

Bradley whipping me up a chickpea burger

I tell him some of the negative comments I’ve received since becoming a vegetarian.

“That’s ridiculous, but I hear it all the time people think that because you don’t eat meat you’re somehow less of a man. I can’t get my head around it”

Street Food Revolution does serve meat, but surprisingly they aren’t dominating the sales.

“We serve meat here but it’s not even that popular, our halloumi wraps and chickpea burgers are probably our biggest sellers.”

Fresh ingredients bought that day

I ask Bradley if he thinks the increased popularity of street food is changing the way people view vegetarian cuisine.

“Street food is very fashionable at the minute and people are more inquisitive when it comes to street food, so hopefully that will change a lot of people’s opinions on the matter.”

If you want to try out some of Street Food Revolution’s menu you can find them on Broad Street or visit their Instagram.


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