I’ve Spent £300 On FIFA Ultimate Team Over The Past Two Years

Gaming website IGN revealed earlier this year that EA make around $650m a year from FIFA Ultimate Team.

This figure is set to increase this year with a record-breaking launch that saw 1.1m buy FIFA 17 in the first week of release.

But what is FIFA Ultimate Team for people who don’t know?

The aim of the game is to collect cards that represent a professional football player, once you have a player’s card – you can place him in your ‘Ultimate Team’. So you make up a team of these cards, and you compete with other players in leagues and cups to win coins (that you can spend on cards) or packs (that contain cards).

But it’s packs where EA make a lot of their money from the game. Packs can be bought one of two ways – you can pay with coins as mentioned before, or you can pay with ‘FIFA Points’. These points can end up costing a lot of money.

79p for 100 FIFA points makes you wonder how it becomes an expensive game. But 100 points is the value of a Gold Pack – which ensures you 1 rare card, which in chances isn’t going to be worth anything. The other end of the scale is 12,000 FIFA points which sets players back by £79.99.

Players can spend as little as 79p on FIFA Points, but can spend up to £79.99 in one transaction.

Because of this, it is easy to see how EA make this amount of money – especially on a game as addictive as Ultimate Team.

All of this money spent sits alongside the £50 or roundabout original fee for the FIFA title.

This fee is essentially a yearly fee for FIFA players too, as your previous team is lost with the release of a new game every year – meaning that if you want to keep up with the masses, you have to do it all again.

This is a reality for student Adam Parsons, 21, he is a serial spender on the game: “I spent about £200 on FIFA 16 and about £100 so far on FIFA 17. I definitely regret it at the end of the year”.

“I think it’s part of the fun to be fair, if it rolled over the players with the best teams would have the best teams every year, and that wouldn’t be very fair”.

One of Adam Parsons’ Ultimate Team squads, containing players who all play in the German Bundesliga.

Many have been quick to condemn EA Sports for the money they claim from this content. Especially with such a young audience.

Adam believes the blame doesn’t belong with the company though: “I don’t think it’s particularly unfair on parents, they can set limits on the console if they look into it.”

Do you think it’s fair how much money EA are taking for an ‘add-on’? Have you spent a lot of money on Ultimate Team? Tweet us @FromMarsOnline and let us know your story!


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