Is There Too Much Money In Football?

The January transfer window is open and teams have already started splashing the cash.

None more notable than Chinese Super League side Shanghai SIPG, as they have have just bought Chelsea midfielder, Oscar, for £60m.

Although excellent, £60m for a player who can’t get into the Chelsea side seems steep. Even more so when taking into account his expected wage of £400,000 a week.

Oscar made 131 appearances for Chelsea over 4 and a half seasons, scoring 21 goals for them in the process.

The level of investment from owners is simply staggering and it begs the question whether the game is losing touch with its roots.

Jack Bernard, an Arsenal fan, has said;

“I think it’s just inflation. All the owners have huge amounts of money and they’re all competing for the best players.”

Roman Abramovich (Chelsea FC owner)  was one of the first super rich owners to invest heavily.

“The players have agents now that’ll get them the best deals too. But they need to be careful not to kill the love of the game.”

“When you see things like Manchester United signing Paul Pogba for £89m it raises an eyebrow, but I can’t see it going in any other direction.”

In the summer or 2016, Manchester United signed Paul Pogba for a world record fee of £89m.

Sam Hogg, a Sheffield Wednesday fan told us how money has affected his beloved clubs chances.

“We were doing well before Chansiri (the owner) came in. The previous owner stabilised the clubs finances, started to invest and put us in mid-table.”

“We didn’t have the quality that we have now though. Since Chansiri, there’s been more belief that we can finally get promoted to the Premier League.”

In March 2015, Dejphon Chansiri bought Sheffield Wednesday FC. He has invested in players and last season they reached the play-off final.

“It’s nice to see us spending on players now. Our record signing, Adam Reach, signed this season so there are good signs for the future.”

When asked about whether the prices are getting ridiculous and out of touch with the game his response was sensible.

“Revenue has increased because of commercial and TV deals so it makes sense. As long as spending increases along with revenue then there’s no need to worry.”

(SOURCE: BBC SPORT) The cost of TV rights for Premier League football has sky-rocketed.

Although the figures in football are now astronomical, it seems fans aren’t too bothered by them as it doesn’t necessarily affect them directly.

But further down the line, trouble could be brewing and the fans could feel the full force.


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