Is Being On Tinder Embarrassing?

According to The Washington Post, dating apps are ready for a revamp in 2017 and Tinder may be on it’s way out. But surely the successful app will be ready to adapt?

It was announced in May of last year that over 1 million people subscribe to Tinder Plus – their premium service.┬áBut how many of these people would openly admit to being on a dating website? It appeared that Tinder erased the social stigma around dating websites, but maybe that’s not entirely the case.

Corey Rodgers, 21, has the app to thank for finding his current partner but isn’t quite sure the app uses the best methods: “Tinder is shallow as f*ck but you can find some right gems on there if you persevere long enough.”

Corey 21, met Miah on Tinder a few months ago and they are now in a relationship.

“It’s good to chat to people around your area and meet people but it’s too focused on sex.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking people would be comfortable with the cool and up-to-date way they met their current flame. But maybe not:

“After talking for a few days, we basically said that if anything happened we’d tell everyone we romantically met in Starbucks or something,” Corey said.

We decided to ask Twitter so we could gauge just how comfortable people are with telling people of their dating exploits. And it seems it’s still up for debate.

If you’re looking for love on Tinder, check out our guide to help you get more matches.



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