A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Fast Food Hygiene

There always seems to be a story about poor fast food hygiene in the media. But what goes on behind the scenes to make these culinary catastrophes happen so often?

We spoke to two employees at a McDonald’s branch in Leicestershire to find out.


Employee 1, who works as a cashier, said: “Depending on the manager, the standards can drop straight away. If the business manager is working then they will expect everything to be done right.

“But when there’s just a regular manager, especially when it’s busy, they will expect you to not really care about the standards and just get the food out to keep up with the rush.”

He said that often food can sometimes be left for hours before it is sold and foods such as doughnuts and muffins typically get re-dated if they expire.

“Throughout a whole shift, staff – and I’ve done it before – won’t wash their hands all day except for when they go on break,” he said.

“As they’re in the kitchen dealing with different foods all the time it’s quite disgusting.”

The McDonalds Food Hygiene Policy states that it’s standard procedure for all members of staff to wash their hands at least once each hour.

The McDonald’s branch in question currently has a ‘Very Good’ rating.

Employee 2, who works as a cook, said: “I’ve dropped frozen food on the floor before and still cooked it. But I wouldn’t serve out hot food that’s been on the floor.

“I also dropped some buns in the bin before by accident and just took them out to reuse.”

Employee 1 said: “Whenever we have an inspection the hygiene standards are usually pretty good. It’s just whenever it gets really busy or a more lenient manager is working that it’s a bit of a doss.”

When contacted about the branch, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “Hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance to us. We have contacted the manager of the branch who will further investigate these issues.

“We have contacted the manager of the branch who will further investigate these issues and ensure our strict policy on hygiene is being properly adhered to.”


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