7 Unforgettable Darts Walk-Ons

Tonight is the final of this year’s World Darts Championships and we at From Mars have caught the fever. We thought it necessary to show you 7 of the very best darts walk-ons that really encapsulate the spirit of the arras!

1. Michael Van Gerwen

The official best darts player in the world requires a walk on that fills the room with palpable excitement, and that’s exactly what Michael van Gerwen has. An ominous high-pitched guitar riff leads into the unmistakeable bass of The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ and brings the crowd straight to their feet singing ‘OH MICHAEL VAN GERWEN’ in unison.

2. Peter Wright

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Peter Wright. Pitbull blurts from the speakers and fills the room, his outfit and hair are almost as loud as the music but the crowd love it. The beauty of darts lies in its pomp and pageantry, something that Peter Wright definitely knows a thing or two about!

3. Steve Hines

What is not to love here? A middle-aged man dressed up in a chef’s outfit launching cake into the crowd in beat with Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Bonkers’. There’s not much else to say here, just do yourself a favour and watch it.

4. James Richardson

The darts crowd is one that thrives on participation and what better way to gee up an English crowd than walking out to the unofficial national anthem that is Fat Les’ ‘Vindaloo’. Man and woman, young and old, everyone’s belting it out!

5. Ted Hankey

With a name like Ted Hankey its not hard to make an impression on people, but just to make sure Ted pulls out all the stops. Thumping techno accompanies a stoic, cape donning Hankey slowly pacing to the oche. You wont be forgetting that in a hurry!

6. Peter Manley

Like Vindaloo, Ammarillo is a crowd favourite, but far from relying on the song to get the crowd going, Peter Manley goes the extra mile and does what nobody thought was possible, get a sweat on before even stepping on stage, some might say he’s got too much energy, we think it’s the perfect amount!

7. Wayne Mardle

Peter Wright before his time. Hawaii 501 Wayne Mardle bursts from the curtains with all the energy of a toddler on a hardcore Smarties binge. The descending drums of Hawaii 5-0’s theme music bellows out and a crazed Mardle slaps every outstretched hand he can see as he clambers to the stage. He wasn’t the greatest of darts players, but you can’t say his walk-on wasn’t one of the greatest!


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