VIDEO: Highs And Lows Of 2016

2016. What a bizarre year that was, it will certainly go down in history as one of the most controversial years in recent memory.

So we went out and decided to ask what everyone’s highs and lows were. Check it out here:

The UK’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump being elected President were arguably the most shocking of them all and it sent the internet into meltdown.

Twitter users displayed their emotion in an array of ways as usual.

Some being pragmatic and philosophical…

Others, less so…

But even these drastic changes to current life could have a positive side, says Charlie Wolf, a Republican commentator.

“People were all saying the world is going to fall apart. It is not. This is a guy [Trump] who understands trade and depends on trade.

“His election will be bad for Europe as he is not really as interested in the Europeans because they do not think like he thinks.

Trump gaining the keys to The White House shocked the world and many people are now worried for the future of the USA.

“The UK are more of a capitalist, free market kind of people that Donald likes and we will have a deal pretty soon.”

It wasn’t a good year for celebrities either as we lost some true legends. Take a look at this tribute to some of the lives lost this year.

2016 wasn’t all doom and gloom though, despite the astounding number of high profile celebrity deaths.

Leicester City showed the world that you can achieve anything after winning the Premier League.

The child mortality rate is continuing to decrease on a global scale.

And as well as the number of tigers increasing for the first time in a century, giant pandas are no longer an endangered animal.

Increasing giant panda numbers show that conservation work is really working.

These are just a few of the great things to occur in 2016 and although it won’t be forgotten for a very long time for it’s more saddening moments, some truly astonishing things have happened this year.

Here is to 2017…



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