7 Worst Tackles In Premier League History

Manchester United and Argentina defender Marcos Rojo has come under fire recently after two horror tackles. But what are the 7 worst tackles in Premier League history? This is not for the faint-hearted.

7 – Brown (Fulham) vs Giggs (Manchester United)

YouTube: Bjarild

Michael Brown always had a reputation for being a ‘dirty’ footballer, and this was one of his worst. This vicious stamp has the potential to really hurt Ryan Giggs has he slid in.

6 – Bosingwa (Chelsea) vs Benayoun (Liverpool)

YouTube: ACFootyVidz

One of the weirdest ‘tackles’ on this list because there was not even an attempt to hide the challenge – frustrated at Liverpool taking the ball into the corner, the Chelsea full-back decided to place his studs in Benayoun’s back. Sensationally, Chelsea were awarded a free-kick.

5 – Nolan (Newcastle United) vs Anichebe (Everton)


No video can expose this tackle for what it was, but this image can. Two-footed challenges such as this one are considered the worst tackles – and the speed Nolan lunged into Anichebe made this one a lot worse.

The tackle was so bad that Anichebe needed two operations, was out of football for more than a year and Newcastle paid him a six figure sum out-of-court in compensation.

4 – Thatcher (Manchester City) vs Mendes (Portsmouth)

YouTube: Thu Huong Nguyen

A rare one on this list because most bad challenges mean bad injuries to the legs, but when City full-back Ben Thatcher sent Pedro Mendes into the advertising hoardings it looked more like a tackle belonging to the NFL.

Mendes was left unconscious and suffered a seizure on his way to hospital, while Thatcher faced heavy fines and bans from his club and the FA.

3 – Taylor (Birmingham City) vs Eduardo (Arsenal)

YouTube: samtron1994

This quite literally was a ‘leg-breaker’. The tackle was so bad that Sky Sports (who were showing the game live) decided not to show replays. Eduardo suffered a compound fracture to his tibula and an open dislocation on his ankle.

2 – Keane (Manchester United) vs Haaland (Manchester City)

YouTube: Stephen McLoughlin

Possibly the most publicised tackle in Premier League history. Long story short: Haaland (at Leeds United at this point) goaded Keane saying he was faking injury after Keane tried to foul him as Manchester United met Leeds at Elland Road. Although, Keane had injured his anterior cruciate ligament and was out for almost a year.

Keane waited almost four years for his revenge on Haaland. It came in the Manchester Derby in April 2001. The tackle was said to have ended Haaland’s career as he was forced to retire shortly after the tackle, but this was later proved to be untrue and the tackle was said to have no impact.

1 – Irwin & McClair (Manchester United) vs Busst (Coventry City)

YouTube: Tazzie01

This one tops the list purely because of how graphic the injury was, no reflection on Denis Irwin and Brian McClair – who were desperately defending.

It is considered to be the worst footballing injury of all time, and led to a reported 26 operations and Busst’s leg was at risk of amputation.

This photo needs no description:


Can you think of any worst tackles than these? Have you suffered a horrible tackle? Tweet us @FromMarsOnline


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