VIDEO: What Do Women Want On Tinder?

For all of time, there has been one question on the lips of men. What do women want? But in recent years this has changed to ‘What do women want… on Tinder?’

Tinder recently revealed the most swiped right name of the year was ‘Harry’, but if you haven’t been blessed with that name, then fear not. There are plenty of ways to get those important matches.

The world of Tinder can be a very confusing place for guys and has left many trying to work out how to get more matches.

To find out how, it seemed an obvious idea to go and talk to women to see what resigns men to the dreaded left swipe.

To test whether taking women’s advice really did result in more matches, an investigation had to take place. I created a profile on Tinder which I thought was good and swiped consistently for 2 weeks.

After resetting the Tinder account, the tips gained from women and female friends were applied and I proceeded to swipe for a further 2 weeks again.

I kept the proximity and age range the same for both profiles and began swiping.

The results were staggering!

After 2 weeks, the first profile had gained 19 matches. But in the same time period, the new and improved account had reached 49 matches.

My matches increased 2.5x more by adding a good bio and a new last picture.

Chantelle, a 20 year old student and Tinder user helped me modify my account. But not much altering was needed for the photos, the work focussed on the bio. Changing it from ‘I like memes’, would prove a great move.

“Guys don’t understand how important a funny bio is. It means you’re not just another guy and you can show a bit of personality through it.”

Brings some personality out. Much better than the original and seems to be the key reason as to why there was such a large increase in matches.

“You want to have pictures of just you. Group pictures make it hard to tell which one is you and girls won’t really look through to find out. Don’t do loads of selfies though.”

One of the most common pet hates of the women we asked was the topless or gym selfie. Sorry guys, the guns just aren’t quite doing it for them.

“Linking your Spotify or Instagram means we can see what you like or do, it just gives us a better idea of who you are.”

The results of the investigation speak for themselves. By simply putting in a bit of personality and making sure you don’t come across arrogant or cocky in your pictures, your matches can more than double.

Take a look at the more successful profile below. By adding the final picture with the crisps and having a complete overhaul of the bio, it transformed the amount of matches gained.

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