Relationships Improve Happiness: But What If They’re Long-Distance?

New research shows that being in a relationship makes people happier than having their salary doubled.

But is that the same for those in a long-distance relationship?

For Luke Allen and Lina Allen, despite living over 7,800 miles apart, they manage to maintain a happy and loving relationship.

Luke, from Doncaster, and Lina, from Eugene, Oregon, (both 21) are not married but conveniently have the same last name.

Doncaster and Eugene are 7853 miles apart – or a 16-hour flight.

They first met whilst on holiday in Berlin, but it wasn’t until a week later, when the pair met again in England, that they entered a relationship.

“Living so far apart can be a lot harder than being in a normal relationship, but we make it work,” said Luke.

“It’s not like we don’t get to see each other – we see each other every day but over Facetime.

The eight hour time difference presents obvious difficulties for them both, when he’s eating breakfast, she’s going to bed. But they manage to work around it.

“Sometimes I’ll stay up late so we can get a good amount of time to see each other and sometimes she’ll wake up early or stay awake for me so we can speak.”

“We also share pictures with one another and we sometimes do what I guess you’d say is phone sex.”

Luke and Lina have been together for four months now and try to see each other in person every two months.

Fortunately, when you have a partner living in another country you will always have somewhere to stay. But flights to Eugene will still set you back between £500-600.


Luke explained that they both still face the problems typical of a long-distance relationship, but they plan to avoid them for the time being as Lina is coming to visit for three weeks over Christmas.

“After that, I’ll probably be planning on flying out there in February. But long term I think that once she graduates from college she wants to move over here.”



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