Meet The Man Running The Country’s Smallest Bottle Shop

As the UK’s Real Ale Capital, Sheffield can boast the largest number of breweries per capita than anywhere else.

But it’s also home to the smallest bottle shop.

Beer Central Ltd in the city centre’s Moor Market is a three metre by three metre unit which stocks a wide range of beer and other products from local, national and international brewers.

The owner, Sean Clarke, concedes that there may be a smaller bottle shop somewhere but not one that he knows of.

“It (the claim) started with an Instagram post on our third birthday of the unit from the outside –something I was bit shy of doing because I wanted people to think it was a big shop.

“But it was a picture that got a lot of attention so I made the claim on Twitter.”

He’s yet to have anyone dispute it.

Former schoolteacher Sean runs the shop with Deborah Jackson and members of their family.

They don’t want to expand the shop’s size because they would have to move.

“We are expanding the business through mail orders but I wouldn’t want a bigger shop because we are in a great location.

Sean said the central location they are in attracts a wide variety of customers.

“We get a lot of young people, including more and more women who are looking for something different. As well as traditional ale drinkers and older people wanting something to put in their steak and ale pie.”


The business now has many loyal customers around the country who ask for him to save beers through social media and fill boxes with the latest arrivals into the shop and have them delivered – even as far as Aberdeen.

One of his regular customers, Jaq, has been visiting Beer Central since it opened and keeps coming back because of the customer service and location.


“It’s great, I work in the city centre so I just pop in on my lunch break and pick up a few beers for the weekend.

“Sean is lovely and sets aside beers for me and my boyfriend and there’s always a great selection.”

The shop is open 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday, just inside the main entrance to the Moor Market.


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