Uni Drop Out: “I Do Regret Going. I Felt Like I Had To, To Stand A Chance In Life.”

In his second year of studying Accounting at Derby University, George Orme, 20, from Sheffield, decided to drop out. He realised that he only really went to university because everyone else was.

“I shouldn’t have even got into university as I ended up with just one A-Level. It proves that you don’t need much to get a degree because if I stuck it out I’d have one.”

“I do regret going. I felt like I had to, to stand a chance in life. But you don’t need a degree to have a good life.”

George starts work at 7 o’clock in the morning to set up for the customers.

Currently, he’s an apprentice at a greengrocer and says he’s learnt loads that university couldn’t offer him.

“You can’t teach talking with customers and suppliers. You meet loads of new people at university, but you don’t have to sell them something.”

Since leaving university, George has bought thousands of beer pong cups and balls, created his own custom packaging and has been selling them on the internet. In 6 months he’s managed to turn over £4,000.

He has even created his own custom packaging for his beer-pong sets.

We’re often told that you not only need a degree but experience as well, which has led many to decide that they should ditch the idea of university, in favour of gaining experience like George.

“I wanted a job. To get into the real world and earn money. I had a job lined up so I wasn’t going to sit on my arse.”

But with the increasing number of teens going to university it begs the question whether it dilutes a degrees worth.

His bedroom is full of stock for his internet business ideas.

“We have people coming into the shop with a CV and they have a degree. That would worry me massively.”

“My parents still pester me about getting a degree, but no one could’ve stopped me from dropping out, I hated it too much.”

It goes to show that as long as you work hard, it doesn’t matter what route you take, just make sure it’s the right route for you.


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