Mansfield Town Season Tickets Revealed To Be More Expensive Than Man City, Stoke & West Ham

The 2016 edition of the Price Of Football report has been published by BBC Sport. The report compares prices for matchday tickets, season tickets, replica shirts and even the price of a pie.

The report shows that supporters of League Two side Mansfield Town have paid £330 for a home season ticket this season. This is more expensive than the cheapest available at Manchester City (£299), Stoke City (£294) and West Ham United (£289).

Mansfield Town fan Liam Hyland said: “Disgraceful, but I understand that we have to up the price to try and make a profit because we get such small crowds.”

While fellow Stags supporter Connor Wigley added: “Smaller clubs rely on season tickets as a vital source of income”.

Elswhere in the report, it was revealed that the most expensive Arsenal season ticket comes in at £2013. Working out at £105 per Premier League game. Based on last season’s data, it’s worked out that fans are paying £32.71 for every goal they see their team score at the Emirates.

BBC Sport – Price of Football 2016

Elsewhere in the EFL, Sheffield Wednesday were revealed to have the most expensive replica shirt at £55 and matchday ticket price at £49.

Owls season ticket holder Adam Parsons said: “It works out a lot cheaper if you get a season ticket, but it is bad. It’s probably the reason we don’t sell out the ground, even when we’re doing well.”

Huddersfield at the other end offered their fans the greatest value for money, offering the cheapest season ticket in the league at £179.

BBC SPORT – Price of Football 2016

Meanwhile in League One, Bradford City fans have the cheapest season ticket in the Football League, only paying £149 to see their team play 23 home games.

Southend United fans on the other hand pay £395 to see their home games at Roots Hall.

It was also shockingly revealed that the average price of an away ticket in the Championship is £31.57, compared to £29.44 in the Premier League.

BBC SPORT – Price of Football 2016

It seems like the debate on the price of football will continue to roll on.

How much does your season ticket cost you? Infuriated with the price of pies? Have you started to boycott football games? Tweet us @FromMarsOnline with the hashtag #FromMarsPriceOfFootball


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