“I Was Scared They Would Disown Me And Never Speak To Me Again.” Bisexual Man Tells His Family His Biggest Secret

With the issue of equality being brought to attention in the aftermath of the US Presidential Election, many black, Hispanic, Asian and LGBT community members fear for their futures.

But what if you were a combination of two of these denominations? Instead of worrying about governing acceptance, you were worried about acceptance from your own flesh and blood.

This was just the case for Faizan Ahmed, 21, from Sheffield, who had to come out to his parents about being in a relationship with another man after keeping his bisexual secret quiet for four years.

Faizan now almost regrets not coming out sooner.

“During TV shows and films I always used to check out the guy as well as the girl but I never thought anything of it.”

“I was probably 15 when I first realised I was different because I came across gay porn and I enjoyed it. But it felt really wrong because of my strong Islamic upbringing, I knew it was bad.”

It can be hard enough for people to come out to their friends and family as it is, but to come from a home where at primary school age he could recite entire chapters of the Qur’an in Arabic, it could have turned his family’s life upside down.

Being bisexual is a severe sin in the Islamic religion.

Faizan had to handle the situation with extreme caution and decided to move out before he told his parents about his sexuality, which he only just revealed to them in February of this year.

“I was scared they would disown me and never speak to me again. Once I’d moved out, it was on them if they wanted to keep relations with me as I’d decided I was happy to live my own life.”

Thankfully he is still in contact with his parents and they have even met his boyfriend of one year, John, twice. However, he’s still unsure if they fully accept it.

“It’s not something they talk about. It’s just ignored. If they did then it would bring dishonour onto the family if others found out.”


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