Homeowner At 21: “I Felt Like A Black Sheep Because I Never Wanted To Go Uni”

Matt Nield, 21, never considered going to university. He now owns his own home, his own car and is an Internet Pharmacy Manager.

The Daily Telegraph reported last week that 28% of first year students had either dropped out, or were considering it by January, so does university matter anymore?

It was something that never crossed Matt’s mind, even if it was almost forced upon him by his secondary school teachers.

“All my teachers pushed everybody towards uni as if that was the only option, so I felt like a black sheep because I never wanted to go,” he said.

Owning his own car is clearly something Matt enjoys.

So after 18 months of making brews and sitting on reception at Rowlands Pharmacy in his hometown of Runcorn, Matt was bumped up to Internet Pharmacy Manager.

It was obvious he was pleased with how things worked out for him, being able to work in online industry that keeps growing and keeps him busy.

“I don’t have any regrets about not going to university. I’ve got a car, I’ve got a house and obviously I’ve already got a stable job,” Matt told us.

Matt isn’t alone in his lack of regret over shunning university. We asked 40 people whether they had any regrets, with 65% claiming they had none.

65% of those we asked had no regrets about shunning university.

The 21-year-old also had his say on claims that he might be fast-forwarding his life, given that the BBC recently reported the average age of a first time homeowner to be 30.

“I wouldn’t want to wait nine years to have my own home, maybe I don’t have that young mind set.

“I look forward to coming home, putting my slippers on and watching Emmerdale.”

The 21-year-old enjoying a cup of tea in his living room.

This freedom is clearly appealing for Matt, who claimed he enjoyed being able to relax in his own home, minus any annoying housemates.

Is university really that important anymore? Do you have any regrets about your choices? Comment below and tweet us at @FromMarsOnline.


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