Are World War One Memes Okay? 5 Tweets Reacting To EA’s Controversial Marketing Campaign

Games-maker EA apologised recently after a tweet promoting the new Battlefield 1 shooter was criticised for making light of the First World War.

One tweet contained a gif of a man being burned alive with a flamethrower. The caption read: “When you’re too hot for the club.”

The campaign also included the hashtag #justWWIthings. It didn’t take long for twitter to explode.

EA’s controversial post that depicted a soldier being burned alive by a flamethrower was later deleted

We gathered 5 of the best tweets reacting to EA’s controversial meme:

1. Glorifying killing for memes probably isn’t a great idea..

2. Worst hashtag of the year award..

3. We are not amused..

4. Not everyone was outraged..

5. It’s only a meme, right?

After the outcry from concerned Twitter users, the Battlefield team eventually tweeted out an apology, saying: “It was not at all our intent to show any lack of respect to the WW1 era”.

What do you think? Was the Twitter outcry an over-reaction?  Comment below and tweet us at @FromMarsOnline using the hashtag #FromMarsGaming.


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