5 Logos That Didn’t Make The Cut

Masterpieces aren’t created overnight. It took us a while to settle on a name and even longer to think up a logo.


Here’s a sample of the many logos we designed that didn’t make the cut before we finally settled on a winner.


1.  What comes to mind when you hear the words “From Mars”? Obviously the planet Mars and four-time-Grammy-Award-winner, singer-songwriter Bruno Mars.




2. Ok, maybe Mars bars come to mind as well…




3. Would you believe us if we said that the Bruno Mars sitting on Mars idea wasn’t actually the first thing we thought of? Here’s the original.




4. This might be our logo yet, we’re just waiting on Matt Damon to reply to the e-mail we sent asking for permission.




5. And perhaps the best for last…




Let us know your favourite in the comments.


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